The titular AGITUR REAL ESTATE of the service PESCHICI.IT, develops service of promotion of receptive structures in the zone of the Gargano.

Activity is developed in name and on behalf of the present firms on our portals,,   that you/they have compiled to regulate contract of promotion with internet.
* As and whether to Book
The bookings can be effected only and exclusively through our portals internet
To confirmed booking, the client has to send a deposit of the 30% of the arranged import, as from our letter of booking, which must be sends mean to the AGITUR REAL ESTATE you/he/she sifts postal or I banking.
The deposit sent by the client will be approved from the AGITUR REAL ESTATE in name and on behalf of the structure receptive choice and will integrally come in turn versed to the receptive structure.

To the reception of the deposit the AGITUR REAL ESTATE will send forth letter of Confirmation Booking in name and on behalf of the structure receptive choice that will also be sent to the client to half e-mail or to application to mean it posts in original.

* Formality of Payment:
The Client to the arrival has to pay the Sale of the booking as described on the letter of Confirmation Booking, over that of the obligatory supplements described in letter, directly to the direction of the Structure Receptive choice.
The payment has to happen only with the formalities foreseen by the rule of the select structure, it recommends him to contact the structure before the arrival to inquire himself/herself/themselves on the formalities of payment accepted, so that to avoid disagreeable misunderstandings.

* Arrival and Departure:
The client with the letter of Confirmation Booking will have to present himself/herself/themselves to the Receptive Structure, you see address in the letter of confirmation, from the hours 16.00 of the day of arrival or different disposition excepted arranged with the structure.
The Departure, will have instead to happen within, and not over the hours 10.oo of the day of departure, different accord excepted with the direction of the structure.

* Changes and Substitutions:
In the case the client, already reserved, wants to modify his/her own booking it will necessarily have to put on in contact with the select structure to you address him from us furnished in letter of Confirmation Booking, furnishing the data identified you of the booking and to arrange with the same one the possible change or substitution.

* Annulments:
If the Client for any motive had to annul the stay before the dispatch of the deposit the booking you/he/she will be cancelled without any burden to load of the client.
If I/you/he/she cancel the stay instead after having sent the deposit and possession received ours letter of Confirmation Booking, the deposit will be held back in full by the Agitur Casa title Club of reimbursement to the reserved receptive structure, different disposition written excepted of the direction of the structure receptive choice.

* The Client's obligations:
The Cliente  will have to follow to all the information furnished him in the letter of Confirmation Booking, the number of the participants won't have to exceed the suitable number in letter, it will have to respect the schedules of arrival and departure and besides all the present behavioral conditions in the receptive structure.

* Regime of Responsibility:
For ours activity of mediation the contract of stay is to consider been directly stipulated among the Client and the Structure that it furnishes some service.

The AGITUR REAL ESTATE, titular of the service PESCHICI.IT, operating in name and on behalf of the present receptive firms on ours portals he/she doesn't answer in any case for the breaches that the reserved receptive firm can bring to the client.
For everything, towards the client, the reserved receptive firm is responsible, in how much titular exclusive of the supply of the service.

Possible claims must be introduce only and exclusively to the Reserved Receptive Structure, directly to the Direction of the same Structure.




Viale Kennedy 30

71010 Peschici Gargano (FG)