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Meteo Peschici



La Foresta Umbra Puglia Gargano takes its name from the shadows of tall trees that create, is also called the Forest of the South with the trees in the north because of vegetation typically characteristic of the forests of Nord.Si covers about 11,000 hectares and reaches a 'altitude of about 800 meters, and incorporates an organic garden with variegated beech trees, maples, cedars, oaks, yews and a unique variety of beautiful orchids.

From Peschici is about 20 km. and is situated along the road 89 to Vieste and then continue on the road excavated in the heart of the Forest. La Foresta Umbra, the green lung of the Gargano National Park Umbra is located in the heart of Gargano, with its 11,000 acres of surface entirely covered with woods, is the green lung of the Gargano National Park, and the largest hardwood forest of Puglia. The reference point for those arriving Foresta Umbra is the Nature Museum / Visitor Center.

The Center operated by the coop. Mediterranean appears as information point for anyone wanting to discover and learn about the Foresta Umbra, be they students, hikers or visitors wishing to relax or simply enjoy a walk in the shadow of the majestic beeches of Umbra. Immerse yourself in the nature of the Umbra Forest along its footpaths can certainly give sensations and emotions intense and engaging. ... For a few hours and feel part of a unique nature and mysterious. Foresta Umbra in these experiences you can live in many ways: a walk through one of the many trails or taking a short walk or ride a mountain bike in the shade of beech trees and badgers, stopping in to listen to the forest clearings .... and discover its inhabitants deer, wild boars, weasels, woodpeckers, owls ... beech, yew, oak, maple, hornbeam, holly ... gnomes and fairies.

Natural History Museum / Visitor Center is located in the heart of the Forest Umbra, and consists of three sections and a section indoor pool. Indoors there is: - a section on the flora Gargano species with different boards of noble Gargano National Park. Situated in this section has a very interesting plastic floor - Height Gargano - Gargano a section on archeology, with many exposed stone tools dating from the paleolithic and neolithic found on the Gargano interesting about this section. are reconstructions of flint tools such as axes, picks and scrapers prehistory - a section on wildlife, with about two hundred exposed animals (mammals and birds) embalmed, living or in the course of their migration in wetlands of the National Park of Gargano.

The outdoor section of the museum is dedicated to the activity of woodcutters and charcoal burners Gargano. This section consists of a nature trail along which you can visit the house of the woodcutter and observe the tools of daily use, a coal and tools and working techniques used by charcoal burners and woodsmen to carry out their activities.

Museum / Visitor Center is open every day from Palm Sunday up to four in October. At other times you can visit by appointment.
The Museum / Visitor Center is managed by Coop. Mediterranean. The cooperative is made up of official guide to the park and environmental professionals (biologists, geologists and graduate students in forestry), they may be contacted for information on the Umbra Forest and National Park of Gargano, to carry out guided tours for schools, theme walks day and night.

For schools Coop. Mediterranean proposes and implements educational programs and environmental education of one or more days must be made within the Umbra, and around the National Park Gargano.Presso The center also can buy the paper trail of Umbra and materials explaining the Gargano National Park and rent a mountain bike for a visit as enjoyable and eventful.

To contact the Mediterranean cooperation for more information on the activities of the Museum / Visitor Center of the Umbra Forest or other initiatives in the Forest Tel-fax 0884-88055. e-mail info@mediterraneambiente.it