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Meteo Peschici


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The Secret of the Castle of Peschici

The opening of the "basement of the fortress called" Castle "located on top of the cliff, overlooking the sea, on which stands Peschici.

The owners, after years of labor and capital employed, have totally cleaned and uncovered the "secret" of the ancient building, returning to the pages of history the current history which dates back to the very first draft in 1053 by an act of donation Abbey Islands Tremiti ( the "Monte Cassino Sea").

Sacrificed for purely commercial, or business in general, the minerals which make up the charming and fascinating structure, have been tantamount to rape the story itself. Thus, the underground deposits of tailings which were the Earl and prisons Gofferdo Hvar (1177), the Counts of Gravina (1320), the Queen, and Don Ferrante di Sangro (1570), the Turbolo and Pinto (1674), today houses works by local and international artists.

The Grottone Manaccora:

The Cave of Manaccora, has been in recent years from archaeological excavations completed in the summer of 2005, the partial opening occurred in late August of 2005.

The excavations were funded by the National Park of Gargano, the work that brought to light many findings and highlights periods of life carried within it from the first Peschiciani.

In recent weeks we organize guided tours inside the cave, with the help of local specialist tour guides.

The Small Town Museum:

The Rock's Museum was opened in August 2005, inside there are small finds from excavations at the Cave of Manaccora achieved, the museum plays mostly a guide service and tourist information. The office opens only in summer.

Statues and Necropolis:

In Peschici and its ways are many artists who have left have found the inspiration to create a work for ever to donate to these places.

Among the many famous Austrian painter Alfredo Bortoluzzi, the Italian Conversano, and the current and local Fasnat.

A place still worth a visit by de guests, and this is the necropolis of Manaccora, located above the sea on a rocky ledge, inside signs of other times, with niches built into the rock ... ......

Symposium of Sculpture:

Joseph Tavaglione is synonymous with the Symposium made for three years to Peschici.

For it is through him that many artists of the stone, Italian and international, have left their indelible mark on our territory, spreading along the town streets sculptures of various kinds.

A special thank you from the staff of Peschici.com, with the hope that this event continues for other years.